low energy design

low energy design is about trying to live and work more responsibly in our urban environment. That can mean anything from installing led lights or a full solar power system. It’s a journey which people make in different ways and sometimes in different directions.

There are many aspects to environmentally responsible living that go beyond your personal efforts. Working with, buying from, and investing in green companies can help you reduce your impact on the environment. Although many individuals and corporations comply with laws and requirements that protect the environment and their workers, there are also many that go beyond those requirements to operate in responsible ways.

Since low energy designs inception we have shown our clients that they need not compromise quality in order to be conscious of the environment.

It is our goal to consistently meet or exceed our client's expectations without adversely affecting the environment. To ensure that we are able to constantly achieve this goal, our representatives are trained on the latest techniques, use only top of the line products, state of the art equipment and technology.

We try to incorporate good environmental outcomes into all projects by understanding the opportunities and constraints. In this way, we can combine proper eco planning and responsible environmental management.

With over twenty years experience our experienced Home, Sound, Audio and Lighting engineers can design the simplest of energy saving lighting for the office through to the latest technology in home, sound and audio integration. With new software developments you can control and monitor your whole home from your mobile phone/device enabling a more organized, time efficient and comfortable life style.

Let low energy design help you come to terms with technology and how it can work for you in your home and office.
Audio & Visual
low energy design will help you create a home and work environment that is uniquely yours, because we will designed a system to suit the way you live.
From your office or whilst shopping, low energy design can design a security system that ensures your home is within reach, even from kilometers away.
Energy Management
low energy design can Integrate energy monitoring systems into your home so you can manage the energy consumed by lighting and electrical appliances through a simple interfaces.
In response to the high demand of advancements in technology, low energy design offers a range of home networking services.