In response to the high demand for home networking attributed to the development of advancements in technology, low energy design offers a range of home and office networking services.

Low energy design consultants have a broad knowledge and understanding of software systems, and have provided outstanding service to schools; apartment complexes; retail outlets and high end show rooms.

Whether you have audio, video, telephone or security devices, low energy design can provide the solutions and tools for you to take control of your environment.

Remote Monitoring:

Low energy design offers a service that can remotely monitor the status of your system and measure specific elements such as usage and capacity.

Equipment faults can be tracked in real time with automatic alerts that enable our staff to anticipate and address faults before they impact your systems.

Low energy design can recommend the appropriate level of access your present network and control system can afford and discuss customisable upgrades.

If you have existing hardware that you would like to have remotely monitored contact us today.

Not only does low energy design offers long-term, efficient, reliable solutions that will last, saving you time, effort and money, but peace of mind that our friendly experienced personnel will be there when you need us most.